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Moncler Women Coats Uk of etch rate uniformity have been

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This paper describes a micro-level faculty–librarian collaboration implemented at the Moncler Women Coats Uk authors' state university to address students' information literacy deficiencies in a graduate-level history research methods course. The setting, implementation, and evolution Moncler Jackets Women Uk of the partnership are described in detail to suggest a model for other instructors. Additionally, consideration is given to issues of working in an online course environment and the benefits of micro- versus macro-level librarian support. Consideration is given to future steps for strengthening the partnership and measuring its impact on student outcomes. Despite the fact that non-uniformity of argon ion etching, particularly with static guns is a possible source of loss of resolution of interfaces in XPS depth profiles, few measurements of etch rate uniformity have been made. In the investigation described here, therefore, a back-scattered electron imaging method was developed and used to determine the shape of a crater formed by argon etching a vacuum deposited gold film, on an aluminum substrate, using a Vacuum Generators AG2 gun. From the crater shape, the influence of etch rate variation of XPS depth profiles was assessed.