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Activation of latent phenolase by freezing and thawing occurs in both thylakoid sediments and membrane washings from spinach chloroplasts, while ageing and digitonin treatment activates membrane-bound enzyme only. Disc clectrophoresis reveals that frost converts a soluble, latent phenolase to an active form after its release from the thylakoid membrane. Ageing of membranes containing latent phenolase results in direct liberation of other active forms. There are further active, soluble forms, which are exclusively found in the chloroplast stroma fraction. The Rado–Horn theorem provides necessary and sufficient conditions for when a family Moncler Menswear Uk of vectors can be partitioned into a fixed number of linearly independent sets. Such partitions exist if and only if every subfamily of the vectors satisfies the so-called Rado–Horn inequality. In this paper we provide an elementary proof of the Rado–Horn theorem as well as results for the redundant case. Previous proofs give no information about how Discount Moncler Uk to actually partition the vectors; we use ideas present in our proof to find subfamilies of vectors which may be used to construct a kind of “optimal” partition.