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This study explored the linkages between the five-factor model of personality and Meyer and Allen’s (1991) model of organizational commitment using a field sample. Results indicated that Extraversion was significantly related to affective commitment, continuance commitment, and normative commitment. Neuroticism, Conscientiousness, and Openness to Experience Buy Moncler London were all significantly related to continuance commitment. Lastly, Agreeableness was significantly related to normative commitment. Theoretical and practical implications of the results are discussed. A precision thermometer using the NQR absorption of KC103 has been developed. The super-regenerative oscillators with frequency locking has been used as the sensor oscillator in order to avoid the defects of the conventional super-regenerative oscillator. To find the frequency locking an FET type super-regenerative oscillator with external quenching Moncler Hat And Scarf and a locking oscillator have been constructed. A special device gives the possibility of stabilizing the line shape at the output of the super-regenerative oscillator. As a result the upper temperature range has been expanded to 430 K.