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Discount Moncler Usa processes In this paper we review

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This article aims to contribute to understanding how to use the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) effectively. The BSC lends itself to various interpretations. This article explores how the way in which the BSC is Discount Moncler Usa used affects performance. Empirical evidence from Dutch firms suggests BSC use will not automatically improve company performance, but that the manner of its use matters: BSC use that complements corporate strategy positively influences company performance, while BSC use that is not related to the strategy may decrease it. We discuss the findings and offer managers guidance for optimal use of the BSC. Sustainability has recently emerged as a key issue in process systems engineering (PSE). Mathematical programming techniques offer a general modeling Moncler Sale framework for including environmental concerns in the synthesis and planning of chemical processes. In this paper, we review major contributions in process synthesis and supply chain management, highlighting the main optimization approaches that are available, including the handling of uncertainty and the multi-objective optimization of economic and environmental objectives. Finally, we discuss challenges and opportunities identified in the area.