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We present an algorithm for the translation of security protocol specifications in the HLPSL language developed in the framework of the AVISPA project to a dialect of the applied pi calculus. This algorithm provides us with two interesting scientific contributions: at first, it provides an independent semantics of the HLPSL specification language and, second, makes it possible to verify protocols specified in HLPSL with the applied pi calculus-based ProVerif tool. Our technique has been implemented and tested on various security protocols. The translation can handle a large part of the protocols modelled in HLPSL. Viral ion channels are short membrane proteins with 50–120 amino acids and play an important role either in regulating virus replication, such as virus entry, assembly and release or modulating the electrochemical balance in the subcellular compartments of host cells. This review summarizes the recent advances in viral Moncler Coats Sale Uk encoded ion channel proteins (or viroporins), including PBCV-1 KcV, influenza M2, HIV-1 Vpu, HCV p7, picornavirus 2B, and coronavirus E and 3a. We focus on their function and mechanisms, and also discuss viral ion channel protein serving as a Discount Moncler Shop potential drug target.