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Discount Moncler single hospital in a regional Emergency

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Many takeovers occur after one-on-one negotiations, which suggests Moncler Women Uk a troubling lack of competition. We seek to determine whether acquirers in such friendly deals are truly insulated from competitive pressures. We study two countervailing Discount Moncler influences: (1) potential but unobserved latent competition, i.e., the likelihood that rival bidders could appear, and (2) anticipated auction costs when negotiations fail. Using various proxies, we find that latent competition increases the bid premium offered in negotiated deals and that auction costs reduce the premium. Controversy regarding the establishment of on-line medical control in a single hospital in a regional Emergency Medical Service System is based, in part, upon the suspicion that ambulances might be diverted to that hospital. Ambulance transports to the University Hospital of Portland, Oregon, were studied over a six year period coinciding with that facilities' assumption of on-line medical control functions. No increases in ambulance transports to that facility could be demonstrated. Other variables resulted in absolute decreases in the number of these transports.