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Buy Moncler Coats cost is observed by the regulator

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The aim of the present research was to study the Family cohesion in families with mentally retarded children. The sample of the study was the parents of 138 Mental Retarded students at primary and secondary schools in Amol and Babol cities in year 2007 - 2008. Bloom and Naar's (1994) scale of family cohesion was used in this study. Findings of the research showed there Buy Moncler Coats is a significant difference between understanding of father and mother family cohesion. Family cohesion can play an important role as one of the major supportive resources for families with mentally disable children. Each period a firm must carry out an indivisible project, the cost of which depends on the firm's constant efficiency and its (variable) level of ‘effort’. Only the cost is observed by the regulator who has to choose the incentive scheme. The optimal dynamic mechanism Moncler Vest Women Uk is derived under possible commitment of the regulator over time. Then, under non-commitment, it is shown that there are four types of continuation equilibria. Also the profile of effort levels is compared to the commitment case. Finally, some numerical comparative statics is performed and it is shown that all types of equilibria can be optimal.