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Buy Moncler a foreign multinational In a dynamic

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We consider a joint venture between a local firm from a less developed country, and a foreign multinational. In a dynamic two period model, we demonstrate that the availability of new technology can trigger a joint venture breakdown, a result that is consistent Discount Moncler Outlet with the empirical evidence. We find that such breakdown is more likely if the MNC is relatively patient, or, in contrast to the existing literature, there is an increase in the level Buy Moncler of demand. Moreover, our results are robust to alternative assumptions regarding bargaining power and control. As a new economic growth model, low-carbon economy will result in a revolutionary due to its low energy consumption, low pollution and low-emission. Nowadays, low-carbon economy has been an inevitable choice for sustainable development and ecological civilization, which should be regulated and protected by law. In this paper, we first elaborate the status quo of low-carbon economy legal regulation, and then propose that low-carbon economy legal system should be optimized carefully to strengthen the implementing and supervision of the relevant laws and finally enhance the legal protection of a low-carbon economy.